Important community sessions for the aged – be there!

Empowering Monash & YOU

Are YOU going to one of the forums listed below?  Consider who are the aged for whom the Council is creating a friendly community.  The aged include many who cannot speak for themselves: elderly people who are isolated, disabled or  in residential aged care.

Do YOU know someone who needs YOU to speak out on their behalf?

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Monash Council complaint re Today Tonight not upheld by ACMA

Monash City Council’s complaint to the Australian Communications and Media Authority about Today Tonight’s coverage of the proposed sale of Monash Gardens and Elizabeth Gardens was not successful.

In 2013 Today Tonight ran three segments on the community’s protest against the Monash Council’s proposal to sell aged care residents.  The segments were very successful in informing the community of the protest.  They included interviews with residents directly affected by the sale.

Issues raised were:

Issue 1: Provoke or perpetuate intense dislike, serious contempt or severe ridicule against a person on the ground of age and/or gender

Issue 2: Portray in a negative light by placing gratuitous emphasis on age and/or gender

Issue 3: Accuracy

A. Statements that are not factual e.g. 

Councillors are ‘cowardly’, ‘sneaky’, ‘have reached a new low that is disgusting’, conduct themselves with ‘democracy, Monash style’, ‘ignore’ and ‘fob’ ratepayers, and are motivated by ‘money’, ‘greed’ and ‘secrecy’.

B. The complaint is that each of the segments:
1. create the impression that aged care facilities would be shut down after the sale and residents relocated;
and that the following false, inaccurate and misleading allegations are made:
2. the Council formed a ‘secret agreement to take expressions of interest’
3. a particular Councillor’s ‘only contribution to public life was an X-rated rant against a disabled woman’
4. at Council meetings ‘if you want to ask a question, you put it in writing, in advance for approval, then, if you’re lucky, you can read it out’
5. a particular Councillor was ‘distracted by playing with iPads during Council meetings’
6. the Councillors ‘fled’ their chambers and were scared off by a bunch of octogenarians
7. a Council staff member pushed a gentleman so that he fell, outside a Council meeting

Issue 4: Fair representation of viewpoints

The full report may be accessed at: Report 3184


Extract from ACMA report:

The complainant submitted that it was factually inaccurate to say that the Council’s decision to seek expressions of interest in the sale of the aged care facilities was ‘secret’ because:
…Council pursued a full and robust public process. The initial confidential business decision to proceed with a sale process was made by Council…The subsequent expressions of interest campaign was performed with broad public consultation and was publically advertised and transparent.
In respect of this particular matter, the licensee submitted that the broadcasts accurately portrayed the Council because:
It is clear from the broadcasts that ratepayers were upset that the Council had made a decision to call for expressions of interest from prospective buyers before consulting with the residents and in circumstances where it had not referred to or campaigned in relation to a potential sale in the previous Council election.
There were also references in the segments to the sale not being on the agenda at the time of the Council elections. The ACMA does not consider that the absence of a reference to the sale of the facilities in Council elections means that its decision was ‘secret’. To the extent that the proposal was required to be disclosed as an election platform, it would have been clear to the ordinary reasonable viewer the decision was taken after the election. This was clarified in the interview with Councillor Drieberg.
In the context of each segment in its entirety, the ACMA considers the reference to a ‘secret’ decision is meant to imply the decision was a secret from the ratepayers of the area and residents of the facilities. The complainant’s submission was that the decision was made initially as a ‘confidential business decision’ of the Council. The definition of ‘confidential’ in the Macquarie Dictionary (Fifth Edition) relevantly provides:
confidential adjective 1. spoken or written in confidence; secret.
To an ordinary, reasonable viewer a ‘confidential’ decision of the Council and a decision that was not publicly consulted on would be consistent with being ‘secret’. Accordingly, the ACMA considers the factual material regarding the Council’s decision to seek expressions of interest in the sale of the facilities in ‘secret’ was accurate in the context of each segment in its entirety.
Accordingly, the licensee did not breach clause 4.3.1 of the Code in relation to this material.


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No cameras!!!

No cameras!!!

Join us at Empowering Monash and YOU
to continue working for quality in aged care and
good local governance.

An elderly woman fights an aged care company to stay in her home!

Join us at EM&U & help fight aged care abuse.

Empowering Monash & YOU

Will this happen at other Aged care facilities?

An elderly woman who suffers from Parkinson’s is fighting with an aged care provider to stay in her aged care home.  The aged care company informed residents that they needed to move out of the facility, because it will be providing extra transitional beds for elderly people coming out of hospital. It successfully tendered for a Health Department contract to provide this service. Please click on link to read more.   

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One year on…what do YOU still need to do?

Next Council meeting is Tuesday 29 July 7.30 pm – join us in the Public Gallery…

Empowering Monash & YOU

One year ago…

9 July 2013: residents and relatives of residents at Monash Council’s aged care facilities received letters announcing the Council is proposing to sell the aged care facilities

16 July 2013: notice of intention to sell land advertised

23 July 2013: Council calls for Expressions of Interest in purchasing aged care facilities

Public gallery overflow September 2013 Public gallery overflow September 2013

Do you know who said this?

“Hold on a second, how can you clam you’re consulting with us and you have the community consultation forums booked in the next couple of weeks yet you’re out to tender based on these concept plans? … What sort of a sham process is this?”  Waverley Leader 22 July 2014

This quote is NOT one of the aged care campaigners, though it well could have been! It is Mayor Cr Geoff Lake. Just one year after the Council employed a totally sham…

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Catch up coffee at Mulgrave market

Anyone involved in the Save Monash and Save Elizabeth Gardens campaign is welcome to join us at the Mulgrave Market (cnr Wellington and Jacksons Roads, Mulgrave) for a coffee and chat next Sunday, 20 July around 10.30 to 11 am near the steps and coffee van.

Monash Council are running a Listening Post at the market that morning so you can also stop by to give feedback on any aspect of Council! Refer to:

 PS If you would like an Empowering Monash & YOU badge to wear at the market, to Council meetings or future EM&U events please email and we will have a badge ready for you.

email to get a badge

email to get a badge

More on Monash Council rate rises

Empowering Monash & YOU

Tonight Monash Council passed its budget with a 6% rate rise – oh wait a minute – it was explained it is really a 7% rate rise – and if your property has increased in value it could be a 30% rate rise.

Our Mayor said it is fine to have an increase in rates if your property value increases. No sorry, he didn’t mention being unemployed, mortgaged, school or medical costs etc.

Unhappy about this? The time to have a say has passed! You missed it.

Stay more in touch by following EM&U (by clicking on the ‘follow’ button on the left hand side) and be prepared for timely responses giving feedback to Council.  Put Council meeting dates in your Calendar and join us in the public gallery.

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Missing the news? Update your details

Monash Gardens and Elizabeth Gardens are now owned by Royal Freemasons.  A group of the protesters against the Council sale of these facilities decided to continue with advocacy for quality aged care and democratic local governance.  They call themselves Empowering Monash and YOU.

Posts on this web site / blog will now be infrequent.  You are welcome to Follow the new web site / blog at

You  may also email us at to be added to our email mailing list.  This will keep you in touch with meetings and other activities of the group.  We also need volunteers so if your interests are in aged care and / or local government come along and see how you might become involved.

Thank you for your support of our campaign July 2013 until May 2014.

EM&U Inaugural Meeting 28 May – RSVP required

This post is likely to be the last reblog from Empowering Monash and YOU – please follow the EM&U web site so that you stay up to date with community news in Monash…., our Empowering Monash and YOU Facebook page at and Twitter @EMonashU

Empowering Monash & YOU

Empowering Monash & YOU Inaugural Meeting

Wednesday 28 May
7.30 pm
The Yarn*
St Leonards Church
349 Springvale Road
Glen Waverley VIC 3150

Guest speaker:  Cr Robert Davies,
Monash  Mulgrave Ward Councillor

Cr Robert Davies

Cr Robert Davies will address our questions about Monash Council’s decisions, plans and processes. Cr Davies is in his first term as a Councillor at Monash Council.

During this term he has:

· Voted against the sale of aged care facilities due to multiple and major flaws in the governance process implemented by Monash Council

· Requested an enquiry into Euneva Car Park to find ways of recouping some of the huge loss

· Is objecting to the current budget plan because:

o The budget increases Council debt in a context this is not appropriate, and

o The proposed rate increase of 6% in rates is unnecessarily high

A small cash donation at the meeting will be…

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Jacki presents flowers to staff on behalf of Save Monash Gardens

Tears and Best Wishes at Monash Gardens

Many tears were shed as staff were farewelled at Monash Gardens this afternoon.   The close knit team and residents are sorry to see some of their members leave. Tomorrow, Thursday 1 May, the new owners Royal Freemasons take over from Monash Council.   The facility will now be known as Monash Gardens Royal Freemasons.

'Goodbye' Cake

‘Goodbye’ Cake

Several older staff have chosen to retire with the change of ownership and others were unsuccessful in their bid to be reemployed by the new provider. It was very sad to say goodbye to staff who have been kind and caring and of whom the residents are fond.  We wish many future opportunities to come their way.

'Good Luck' cake

‘Good Luck’ cake

For the staff, residents and relatives who fought hard with the community to save Monash Gardens from being sold there were strong feelings that we had positively influenced the outcome. Jacki spoke on behalf of Save Monash Gardens and presented flowers to all staff saying how much we appreciate the care they give our loved ones.

Thank you card

Thank you Monash Gardens staff

Jacki presents flowers to the staff from Save Monash Gardens

Jacki presents flowers to the staff from Save Monash Gardens

Royal Freemasons will be warmly welcomed by all as a good provider.

Empowering Monash and YOU

Many of us from Save Monash Gardens are now forming a new group: Empowering Monash & YOU.  We urge you to join us in our new endeavours to promote quality in aged care, good local governance and inclusivity in our community.  One of the questions we are asking is what will be done with the $millions received from the sale of Monash Gardens and Elizabeth Gardens. We can be contacted by email at or visit our website at:

We hope to hold a meeting of this new group in May so please stay in contact!

Be involved – it’s only survey fatigue!!

Monash Council are currently running an Age Friendly Monash survey for over 55 year olds. It is important this survey is completed to accurately represent the needs of the community. Aged care residents have needs that differ from active senior citizens. An example is the outings they enjoy. Outings can be easier if there is wheelchair and walker access, flat walking tracks, suitable bench seats etc. What else? Fill a survey in for yourself and then check with elderly parents or neighbours to see if they need help filling theirs in! If they are not active members of senior groups they may not even know about the survey! Go to: for more information.

Empowering Monash & YOU

At the risk of survey and meeting fatigue setting in and workers falling asleep at their desks, twitching nervously and jumping at shadows we are urging YOU, the people of Monash, to get involved in the Council’s efforts to engage the community.  Surveys and public meetings are quite the thing for Monash Council at the present time.  Some surveys and meetings get prime coverage on the home page of Council’s web site while some are harder to locate. One scored top billing with a mail out*.

This last week there has been much grumbling over a 25% increase in pet registration fees (Waverley Leader 8 April p4).  Council responded the increase was in last year’s budget.  Did you see it?  We didn’t!  Get involved now to stop unwanted changes being passed.

EM&U has compiled a timeline of events and closing dates to help you plan your involvement over the…

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